The Emirates Gastroenterology & Hepatology Society (EGHS) envisions itself as an organization of Gastroenterologists imbued with a high level of ethical values and committed to the beneficial exchange of knowledge among the fraternity of gastrointestinal practitioners. It also aims to dedicate itself to the development of systems by means of which research into understanding, prevention and cure of digestive diseases may be facilitated.

From humble beginnings this forum has grown into one of the most active, professional medical societies in UAE maintaining a high standard.

Currently, the society has around 160 active members from various specialties such as Medical and Surgical Gastroenterology, Paediatrics, Radiology, Pathology, General Medicine and Surgery.

The Society meets every month with a set agenda to ensure its members have an active schedule of events, seminars and forums covering clinical problems related to the specialty. There are ongoing plans to conduct epidemiological studies, clinical trials and basic research so as to have authentic data on the common and relevant clinical problems in the UAE.

For more information regarding the EGHS, please visit the website: