ams150Complete line of products  for Gastroenterology & MIS Menfis Manometry, Impedance, pH systems Colon Hydrotherapy OMOM Capsule endoscopy. ENDOSOFT Software. Bedfont HandHeld HBT. QuinTron HBT, US-Endoscopy accessories, RothNet & PolypPak. OverTubes Gastro-Colono-Enero, VELOCITY, Bipolar probes, Mio Device organizer, BioVac, BioShield, eTrap PolypTrap, Enteroscopy accessories,  Irrigation system, Advance EndoCapsule delivery, iSnare system, PEGs, Clipping device Taewoong NITI-S Metalic stents, ERCP Patient Positioner GI-Supply Garments MoonPans & Gowns, BiteBlocs MediGlobe endotherapy products, EUS/EBUS Needles & Balloons, StoneBuster mechanical Lithotriptor, Colon Decompression EndoTechnic EndoWashers, AquaMaster, ScopeCleaner, DryMaster cabinets, Scope-Porter, Electronic LeakMaster tester, CO2 insuflator Haemoband Band Ligator, Ace endo Band Ligator, UnoFlush Cleanser Sponge/Detergent, Bougie dilators Laparoscopic surgery instruments and consumables.Ultrasound, Radiology protection, Patient positioning, Endo Furniture, Endoscopes, Microendoscopes, RF units,Lasers, HiRis monitors, endoscopy trolley.

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